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So a man walks into a bar…No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke, it’s how we came to meet the extraordinary man who just scored 10 goals in Mexico for TWB! When… Continue reading


The mission of TWB is to encourage people traveling in developing countries (or visiting disadvantaged neighborhoods in more affluent countries…) to give a soccer ball away to kids. Why? Because it’s a simple… Continue reading

Fes Festival of Sacred Music — The Inspiration for TWB

The world-famous Fes Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco begins this evening and continues for the next ten days.  The festival, which features sacred music from all over the globe and from all… Continue reading

Springsteen, Dr. John and TWB —- WOW!

Happy Monday, everyone! Above is the video I shot of Bruce Springsteen and Dr. John gettin’ down together at New Orleans Jazz Fest a couple of weeks ago.  Check the delight on Springsteen’s face as he… Continue reading

Travel With Balls Official Trailer

While we’re enjoying New Orleans, don’t forget to check out our Travel With Balls video!

Get Off The Sidelines And Onto The Field!

After you’ve watched this short tutorial on how to Travel With Balls, it’s time to get off the sidelines and play!  Whether you’re traveling in Africa, Central or South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, the… Continue reading

Who’s Got Next?!

After you watch our videos and see how easy and fun it is to give some soccer balls away while traveling, don’t forget — it’s YOUR turn now!  Travel With Balls, y’all! Peace… Continue reading

We Lost, We Won; Either Way We Had Fun…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about buying a book about soccer by famed Uruguyan writer Eduardo Galeano.  I haven’t made it through many pages of Soccer in Sun and… Continue reading

Sunday Matinee

Sunday matinee double feature… Travel With Balls!  Peace & Blessings, Jan

Spreading the TWB Gospel

The Travel Show is at the LA Convention Center today.   William and I will be there sporting our Travel With Balls t-shirts and spreading the TWB message to as many industry people as… Continue reading