South African Women Playing Soccer

The mission of TWB is to encourage people traveling in developing countries (or visiting disadvantaged neighborhoods in more affluent countries…) to give a soccer ball away to kids. Why? Because it’s a simple and fun way to spread a little happiness and kindness in the world — the GOAL is JOY!

And, as the delightful picture of South African women illustrates, soccer is the world’s most popular game — no other sport comes close.  Thanks, Niko Apewajoye, for sending us the photo!

So next time you’re out and about in the world: 1. Buy a soccer ball. 2. Find some kids and give it to them. 3. Film the ball giveaway and post it on our Travel With Balls facebook page so that others will be inspired to do the same thing. (Just look into the camera, say, “Hi, I’m (name) from (country you live in). I’m here in (name of city of country you’re traveling in) and I travel with balls!” Then film the kids’ reactions as you give them the ball. So easy, soooooo fun!

Let’s have the balls to cover the world with balls! (And smiles!)

Peace & Blessings,