100% cotton, American Apparel, “Travel With Balls” Tees are now available in one eye-catching color (teal) and two mouth-watering styles:

Crew: Your standard t-shirt cut–offering a “snugger” fit around the neck.

Loose Crew: A looser, deeper cut offering a fit comparable to that of a v-neck.


Crew: M, L, XL

Loose Crew: XS, S, M, L


$25 (includes shipping and handling)

When you wear our shirt you’ll be helping to spread the TWB message and letting the world know that you’re the kind of person who dares to Travel With Balls!   They’re stylish, comfy and fast-drying — equally perfect for hanging out in your home town or gallivanting around the globe.  And our product comes with this guarantee — when you wear a Travel With Balls T-shirt, you WILL be noticed!

For orders, email Jan with your name, address, size/style at