Springsteen, Dr. John and TWB —- WOW!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Above is the video I shot of Bruce Springsteen and Dr. John gettin’ down together at New Orleans Jazz Fest a couple of weeks ago.  Check the delight on Springsteen’s face as he listens to Dr. John — he looks like a little boy opening presents on Christmas morning!    

With summer fast approaching, I’m sure that some of you have already made vacation plans.  If you’re going to be anywhere in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Asia this summer please remember to Travel With Balls!

It’s very simple to Travel With Balls.  When you get to the country you’ll be traveling in:

1. Buy a soccer ball. (They’re available in just about every city or town.)

2. Find some kids.  (They’re everywhere!)

3. Give ‘em the ball and film the give-away.  (Only takes a minute or two.)

4. Post the video on our Travel With Balls Facebook page.  (EASY!)  

When you Travel with Balls it’s a win-win: the kids get a brand new soccer ball to play with (they also discover that sometimes good things happen for no apparent reason…) and you get the joy of bringing a bit of spontaneous happiness to those kids (and the life-long memory of the experience.)

It’s simple, it’s fun — Travel With Balls!

Peace & Blessings,