Girls’ Soccer in Uganda

Even if you can’t personally give a soccer ball to kids because you won’t be traveling abroad in the near future there is still a way to become involved with soccer in the developing world. 

When William and I were in the iced-tea line at New Orleans Jazz Fest a few weeks ago, a woman named Judith Barnes-Cochran commented on our Travel With Balls t-shirts. Once she learned that TWB was about encouraging people traveling in the developing world to give out soccer balls to kids, Judy told us about the Uganda Education Project, a nonprofit started in 1012 by her daughter, Melissa Cochran.  (She also invited us to her home for a dinner party a few nights later and we had a wonderful time feasting on barbecued shrimp and conversing with Judy and her fascinating friends.)

One of the awesome achievements of the Uganda Education Project has been to set up a girls’ soccer program in the East African nation.  The program supplies balls, uniforms and coaching for several dozen girls in Uganda, many of whom are orphans.  Soccer is a powerful way for these girls to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and to gain confidence.  And as this video shows, it’s also a way for them to have some fun!  (For TWB — the GOAL is JOY!)   

Soccer is only one element of the important work that the Uganda Education Project is engaged in — it also builds schools and provides electricity and clean drinking water for Ugandan children.   Please consider supporting this very worthy cause.  For more info check out

Peace & Blessings,