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Springsteen, Dr. John and TWB —- WOW!

Happy Monday, everyone! Above is the video I shot of Bruce Springsteen and Dr. John gettin’ down together at New Orleans Jazz Fest a couple of weeks ago.  Check the delight on Springsteen’s face as he… Continue reading

New Orleans Jazz Fest — Second Weekend Recap

Howdy, Y’all! We’re back in Los Angeles, which means I have my trusty old laptop that inserts pictures into this blog, no problema! The second weekend of New Orleans Jazz Fest was every… Continue reading

Greetings From New Orleans, Y’all!

Grrr…bought a new laptop right before the trip and the blasted thing won’t let me upload any photos onto the blog…beyond frustrating!  If you want to see some photos, you’ll have to go… Continue reading

New Orleans Here We Come!

If you’re a music fan or love New Orleans you’ll want to check up on this website frequently over the next two weeks ‘cause starting tomorrow we’re going to be in America’s Most… Continue reading