Jeremie Brillant Scores 10 Goals for Joy!

Jeremie Brillant Scores 10 Goals for Joy!

So a man walks into a bar…No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke, it’s how we came to meet the extraordinary man who just scored 10 goals in Mexico for TWB! When Jeremie Brillant contacted us through the Travel With Balls Facebook page a few weeks ago to let us know he was hoping to raise enough funds to drive all the way from Los Angeles to Brazil in time for the final game of World Cup, and to hand out at least 100 soccer balls to children along the way, we set up a meeting at a local bar so that we could find out more about his intended adventure.

Jeremie’s vision is huge — to drive from LA to Brazil is no easy feat — we’re talking thousands of miles over rough roads and through remote terrain. We’re also talking thousands of dollars for gas, almost-inevitable vehicle repairs, food and all those soccer balls Jeremie wants to give out along the way. Turning a vision this large into a reality takes an entire team and Jeremie has already assembled some of its members. The company One World Futbol, which makes indestructible soccer balls that can’t be punctured or go flat, has agreed to donate the balls for Jeremie to distribute on his epic road adventure. (www.oneworldfutbol.com) As a “friendly,” (the noncompetitive games that soccer teams play to prepare for important tournaments), Jeremie recently drove down to the Door of Faith orphanage in Baja, Mexico to distribute 10 balls that One World Futbol provided him, and as the pictures and video attest, the trip was an overwhelming success when it came to creating joy. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, MEXICO!!!!!!!!! (And as you can see in the pictures — Jeremie was wearing a TWB shirt when he scored!)

PUGG, a sports company, has also agreed to sign on as a sponsor for Jeremie’s World Cup journey — they’re giving him some portable goals to give out on his trip, and a bit of cash to help fund his adventure, too!

While the soccer part of Jeremie’s plan has come together nicely, he still needs funds for the gas, the vehicle repairs, food and other necessities along the way. To this end, Jeremie has set up a crowdsourcing account at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-american-dream–820 Please consider making a donation to his fund — every little bit helps! And please share Jeremie’s World Cup plans with your friends and family members, and on your Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. Just imagine, if Jeremie goes on his journey, he will score 100 GOALS for JOY throughout Central and South America. And 100 GOALS for JOY equals thousands of happy children and tens of thousands of their delighted smiles!

Travel With Balls!

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