GOOOOOOAL ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethiopian Kids Get Soccer Ball

Ethiopian Kids Get Soccer Ball

GOOOOOOOOAL ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, after a long scoring drought TWB is again putting balls in the back of the net, scoring goals for joy!
After learning that Jeremie Brillant had given 10 soccer balls away to kids in a Mexican orphanage a couple of weeks ago, we just received a post on our Travel With Balls Facebook page from a man named Matt Roberts. Roberts is hard at work in Ethiopia building water sanitation facilities, but he wasn’t too busy to bring some random joy and kindness to kids by giving out a soccer ball, and he plans to give out two more while he’s in the East African country. As he notes in the post he wrote on our FB page, soccer brings an enormous amount of happiness to children in Ethiopia. What is also clear from Roberts’ words is that the experience of bringing joy to kids brought great joy to himself:

“I had the good fortune to be able to bring 3 balls to Ethiopia. These are some of the kids whose families will be using the water sanitation facilities we built in Debre Berhan and they play a mean game of street soccer. Every kid in this country plays soccer and whenever we took a break it was game time. The smiles that we see every day in the pickup games are worth their weight in gold. Keep up the good great work with this project; I encourage everyone I can to participate. You become an instant ambassador of goodwill and it’s a ton of fun too. Proud to say I was able to Travel With Balls.”

Next month, when World Cup in Brazil begins, we’ll hear about great scores by the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Suaréz, but their goals will never be more beautiful than the ones scored by Matt Roberts in Ethiopia, because what can ever be better than the goal of bringing happiness to children in developing countries?

Matt Roberts is truly the Most Valuable Player of the Game!

Peace & Blessings,