The sweetest goal of the 2014 World Cup in Brasil didn’t take place on a grassy pitch in one of the country’s 12 gleaming stadiums, but in a dusty square on the tiny island of Morro de Sao Paulo, which lies off the coast of Bahia. It was there, while wandering at dusk, that I encountered a group of young boys playing futebol (that’s how the Brazilians spell it…) with a small, beat up ball. Seeing how undersized and dilapidated the ball was, I quickly asked a man in one of the local shops where I could buy a new, standard-sized one and he directed me to a nearby market. As destiny would have it, there was one, and only one, hanging in a net bag from a hook. I rushed back to the small pousada where we were staying and got William and some money. We returned to the market, bought the ball and then made our way back to the little square. And here’s what happened next:


It’s such a simple thing to Travel With Balls. When you’re on the road, all you have to do is 1. Buy a ball. 2 Find some kids. 3. Give ’em the ball. Film the giveaway and post it to our Travel With Ball Facebook page so that travelers will see how easy and fun it is and be encouraged to Travel With Balls themselves. Futbol is the world’s most popular game, and kids everywhere on the planet are delighted to receive a ball to play with, so it’s a great way to spread a little random kindness on the planet.

Never forget — the GOAL is JOY!

Peace & Blessings,