Fes Festival of Sacred Music — The Inspiration for TWB

The world-famous Fes Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco begins this evening and continues for the next ten days.  The festival, which features sacred music from all over the globe and from all faith traditions, is what inspired William and I to visit Morocco for three weeks in 2010.  And it lived up to our dreams — our attendance at the festival is one of the most profound travel experiences William and I have ever shared. 

Both before and after attending the festival, we explored the rest of the country. Driving our rental car over dusty roads through small towns and remote villages, we spotted many children playing soccer with tin cans and bundles of tied-together rags.  One night, as we were strolling through the bazaar in a town called Azrou, William spotted some soccer balls hanging in a merchant’s stall and suggested that we buy some and give them away to children we encountered on our travels.  We ended up giving away 13 balls as we drove around the country.   Thus the idea for Travel With Balls was born — we had enjoyed the ball giveaways so much, and the kids had been so delighted by the random act of kindness, that we decided we would like to encourage other travelers to do the same thing…So, please, on your adventures abroad this summer, Travel With Balls!   

To pay tribute to this year’s Fes Festival of Sacred Music, here’s an essay I wrote about our last night in the mysterious 7th-century walled city that was published on a Moroccan blogsite and later picked up by Lonely Planet.  May it inspire your travel dreams…


Peace & Blessings,