All Children Deserve the Right to Play!

I’ve blogged about the Right to Play organization before, but this column by T.J. Simers appeared in the Los Angeles Times a couple of days ago and it does a great job of capturing just how much soccer means to children in the developing world….Read it and put a little joy into your day!

If you won’t be traveling abroad any time soon, please consider supporting this wonderful and very worthy organization.  You can learn more about them at

If you will be out exploring the world this summer, please remember to Travel With Balls. It’s so simple and incredibly fun! All you have to do is 1. Buy a soccer ball (wait until you get to your destination so you can give a local shopkeeper a little business and you won’t have to schlep the ball in your luggage). 2. Find some kids and give it to them. (Don’t be shy — the kids will LOVE your gift!!!) 3. Film the ball giveaway and post it on our Travel With Balls facebook page. Yes, it really is THAT EASY!!! Follow those three steps and we guarantee that you’ll have a vacation memory to last your entire lifetime…Besides, those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to travel should be more than willing to give something back.

Peace & Blessings,