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New TWB Video: How To Travel With Balls!

Joy Is Contagious: Let’s Spread It!

Albania, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Romania, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, the U.S. — No this isn’t some traveler’s weird, hopscotch-round-the-world, itinerary, it’s the list of countries that appears when you click on the “like”… Continue reading

TWB Words From the World: “The Kindness Of Strangers”

  The primary mission of Travel With Balls is to encourage people to give out soccer balls to kids when they’re visiting a developing country, but we’re also trying to promote a certain… Continue reading

As Easy As 1,2,3…

Whoa…Where’d Ya Get Them Balls?! And Check Out The Size!!!

  Now that you’ve seen our first TWB video (if you haven’t, just go to our previous post) you’re hopefully raring to get out on the road and give out some of your own balls…… Continue reading