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Lost in Japan, Found in Alaska!

A great story on Yahoo today about just how much a soccer ball can mean to a kid…(Note: soccer  is called football in every country but America…) TOKYO (AP) — A teenager who… Continue reading

Steel Pulse Member Selwyn Brown LOVES Travel With Balls!

Yeah, mon!  Check out this wonderful TWB endorsement video featuring Selwyn “Bumbo” Brown, a member of the world-famous reggae band Steel Pulse! A loud shout-out to Jody Kono and Jumane Redway for making… Continue reading

Video of TWB Giveaway in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

While we’re waiting for some of YOUR Travel With Balls videos (c’mon, peeps, YOU CAN DO THIS!), here’s a video of the ball giveaway we did in La Fortuna, Costa Rica last December.  … Continue reading

Get Off The Sidelines And Onto The Field!

After you’ve watched this short tutorial on how to Travel With Balls, it’s time to get off the sidelines and play!  Whether you’re traveling in Africa, Central or South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, the… Continue reading

Everybody Must Get Stoned!

No, I’m not quoting Dylan’s lyrics or advocating for a new, mandatory drug policy for America (although I think it would do both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum a world of good to… Continue reading

Who’s Got Next?!

After you watch our videos and see how easy and fun it is to give some soccer balls away while traveling, don’t forget — it’s YOUR turn now!  Travel With Balls, y’all! Peace… Continue reading

Free! Or as they sing in Burundi, Sina Mali Sina Deni!

I love synchronicities.  Last week I blogged about getting to sing with Stevie Wonder at a recent memorial service and on Facebook this morning one of my friends posted a Stevie Wonder video… Continue reading

We Lost, We Won; Either Way We Had Fun…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about buying a book about soccer by famed Uruguyan writer Eduardo Galeano.  I haven’t made it through many pages of Soccer in Sun and… Continue reading

Soccer Dreams Without Borders

If you’re not traveling to the developing world any time soon but you’d still like to get a soccer ball to a kid, you might want to check out  Soccer Dreams Without Borders,… Continue reading

Whether it’s Soccer or Basketball, it’s Nothing But Nets!

Today’s TWB blog comes courtesy of Mike Lebow.  As most everyone already knows, college basketball’s March Madness tournament begins tomorrow.  It is one of sport’s most popular events and even those who don’t… Continue reading