Everybody Must Get Stoned!

No, I’m not quoting Dylan’s lyrics or advocating for a new, mandatory drug policy for America (although I think it would do both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum a world of good to puff away on a big fat blunt…), I’m simply encouraging folks to check out upcoming singer/songwriter Allen Stone.

I went with my son to the Troubadour last night and got an incredible natural high from watching Stone perform.  Stone’s from Seattle and looks like a typical Pacific Northwest skateboarder/slacker kid.  He’s a lanky white boy with long, curly blond hair, geeky eyeglasses and a wide, goofy grin.  But he’s got a voice that is ridiculously soulful — one part Stevie Wonder and, when he escalates into his soaring falsetto, one part Lenny Williams from the legendary 70s r&b group Tower of Power.  In addition to his considerable vocal ability, Stone has an irresistable stage presence.  He exudes charisma, performing with an infectious joy and unleashing the unbridled enthusiasm and energy of an excited puppy as he bounds around the stage.

And the boy’s got guts!  In addition to performing his own material that’s not afraid to comment on what’s going on these days (pay attention to the lyrics in the video), he took Bob Marley’s classic Is This Love and delivered it in a completely original style.

By the end of the evening I was so “Stoned” that I stood in line to meet him after the show.  After giving me a huge embrace (he hugs everybody he meets — another reason I adore him…) he mentioned that he was leaving in the morning for South Africa, where he was going to perform at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.  I promptly whipped out a Travel With Balls card and asked him to do a ball give-away while he was there.  He pulled his manager aside and told him he wanted to do it.  Somehow, I really believe that he will.

My son, Allen Stone and Me at the Troubadour

Peace & Blessings & With The Hope You Get Totally Stoned,