Whether it’s Soccer or Basketball, it’s Nothing But Nets!

Today’s TWB blog comes courtesy of Mike Lebow.  As most everyone already knows, college basketball’s March Madness tournament begins tomorrow.  It is one of sport’s most popular events and even those who don’t know a thing about college hoops enjoy filling out brackets just for the fun of it.  

But what if you could combine that pleasure with a good purpose?   You can!   For $5.00 you can fill out an online bracket, be in the running for some nice prizes and have your entrance fee go to Nothing But Nets, a wonderful organization that distributes insecticide treated bed nets to people in malaria-infested regions of Africa.

There are nets in soccer and nets in basketball, but the most valuable nets I can think of are the ones helping prevent the misery of malaria.  To read Mike Lebow’s entertaining and informative blog about March Madness and the Nothing But Nets charity bracket he has set up go to www.pastthebar.blogspot.com

To join Mike’s Nothing But Nets charity bracket go to www.tinyurl.com/stopmalariabracket

Travel With Balls by combining pleasure with purpose — after all, the Goal is Joy!

Peace & Blessings,