Travel With Balls — Like Stevie Wonder Sings, Always!

Here’s a picture of Stevie Wonder, Niki Haris and the Agape International Choir throwing down on Always.  (The song’s real title is As but everyone always calls it Always so let’s roll with that!)  To see the video, which really captures the energy, go to our Travel With Balls facebook page…(And don’t forget to “like” us while you’re there!)

What’s this got to do with Travel With Balls?   While TWB’s primary purpose is to encourage people to give out soccer balls to kids when they’re visiting developing countries, it’s also a philosophical statement, an approach to this journey called Life.   When you Travel With Balls, that is, when you roam the roads of Life with open arms, a wide grin and the spirit of adventure, damn near anything can happen — even singing in a choir behind Stevie Wonder!  (I’m in the alto section…)  The performance took place this past Sunday at a memorial tribute to Alice G. Beckwith, the spiritual matriarch of Agape and the mother of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith.  In the video, you can see the Rev dancing with his grandson, celebrating the fact that his mother lived a full life on this planet and is now off on some grand new adventure.

Travel With Balls, y’all — ALWAYS!   You never know where the road will lead!

Peace & Blessings,