Spreading the TWB Gospel

The Travel Show is at the LA Convention Center today.   William and I will be there sporting our Travel With Balls t-shirts and spreading the TWB message to as many industry people as… Continue reading

New TWB Video: How To Travel With Balls!


I stumbled across this image on the website Boston.com this morning.  While the photo (Jasper Juniens/Getty Images), is wonderful, it was the caption that really caught my eye: “Kids enjoy a soccer game on… Continue reading

Yellow Card

  This morning I was poring over the schedule for the upcoming Pan African Film Festival (www.paff.org). Because it’s their 20th anniversary, the festival is bringing back 20 “classic” films in addition to… Continue reading

Joy Is Contagious: Let’s Spread It!

Albania, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Romania, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, the U.S. — No this isn’t some traveler’s weird, hopscotch-round-the-world, itinerary, it’s the list of countries that appears when you click on the “like”… Continue reading

The TWB Habit

What do Travel With Balls and potato chips have in common?  After you’ve gotten a taste of either, it’s damn near impossible to stop at just one!  We freely admit it — Travel… Continue reading

A Friday Double-Feature!

It’s a Friday double-feature!   Videos guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some joy in your heart…The first clip is an oldie but goodie from the 2006 World Cup — Who… Continue reading

Girls Need Balls Too!

Before we formally launched Travel With Balls just over a month ago, I was telling a friend about our desire to get people to give out soccer balls to kids when they’re traveling in a developing… Continue reading


Cathryn Brompton, a mental health therapist living in Novato, California, learned about Travel With Balls before her trip to Brazil and decided to experience it for herself.  Here are the pictures and email… Continue reading

Kindness Makes The World Go ‘Round

As I wrote yesterday, reading The Kindness of Strangers stirred up memories of the many times William and I have been the recipients of random acts of kindness from complete strangers when traveling:… Continue reading