The Cutest Little Bunch of “Losers” You Ever Saw…

Happy Friday, everyone!  To understand the charm of children and soccer, check out this video — it’ll be the most delightful 10 minutes you spend today.  And, after watching it, imagine how much… Continue reading

The Chill Factor

I love this photo I took at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, not just because the raccoon is a furry, adorable creature but also because its body language is imparting some… Continue reading

Kids, Soccer And A True Hero!

The combination of kids and soccer seems to inspire some people to true greatness.  Check out this short but uplifting video about Patrice Millet, one of the CNN Heroes Awards recipients in 2011.  Millet,… Continue reading

Whoa…Where’d Ya Get Them Balls?! And Check Out The Size!!!

  Now that you’ve seen our first TWB video (if you haven’t, just go to our previous post) you’re hopefully raring to get out on the road and give out some of your own balls…… Continue reading

A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Okay, all technical difficulties have been resolved and the TWB video is up and running!  Please share the link with your family members and friends, and let us know what you think…… Continue reading

Video Posted

After a 3 hour delay and numerous technical difficulties, our video has finally been posted.  Unfortunately, however, a minor glitch occurred during upload…we are currently working on fixing that glitch so come back… Continue reading

TWB Video World Premiere Postponed 3 Hours…

Happy 2012, Everyone!  The world premiere of our TWB video is being pushed back to 1 p.m. today, PST.  Unfortunately, the upload is taking much longer than expected…So grab a few more hours of sleep after… Continue reading

As The Calendar Turns —The Journey Continues!

On this last day of 2011 it’s a wonderful feeling to look back over the year and see just what TWB has accomplished over the past 365 days.   We got the official TWB… Continue reading

Happy Friday, Y’all…Let’s Do This Just For the JOY of It!!!

Until the first TWB video debuts New Year’s day, this is my favorite travel video of all time.  Why?  Because in a few minutes it manages to convey the thrill of adventuring, the… Continue reading

Get Rid of Your Baggage!

  In the post-911 world of airport security the phrase “Get rid of your baggage!” is not an invitation to lessen your psychological load but a command to fork over some of your… Continue reading