Cathryn Brompton, a mental health therapist living in Novato, California, learned about Travel With Balls before her trip to Brazil and decided to experience it for herself.  Here are the pictures and email she sent us:

Brazilian Kids With Ball

Brazilian Kids Playing

“I recently had the great good fortune to travel to Abadiania, Brazil.  While there I visited a home for abused and/or abandoned children where the co-owners of my pousada volunteered on weekends. 

Seven children were living there at the time and when I arrived all were gathered around the TV set.   I was given a tour of the house and the children’s rooms and there were absolutely no toys in sight.  Most of the children looked dissociated  —  emotionally numb from the experience of too much pain.  Half of them had little or no response to my gift of a soccer ball.   Two boys and one girl, however, responded enthusiastically and set to playing with it and each other immediately, and continued playing well past my visit. 

It felt wonderful to be able to provide some joy to those children who were able to feel some happiness, and it is my deepest wish that the other children will also find some healing from their wounds and experience the joy of play again. I hope that my very small gift may be some small opening for them.”

May Cathryn’s deepest wish come true…The GOAL is JOY!

Peace & Blessings,