All Kids Deserve Real Balls


So why are we asking for people to give away soccer balls to kids when they’re traveling through underdeveloped countries? The above images, by Jessica Hilltout, a photographer who traveled throughout Africa to document the universal passion for soccer there, say it all. As the photographs show, kids who are determined to play soccer can make a ball out of just about anything — rags, bags, twine. But think of how much joy a real ball would bring to these kids; imagine the thrill of playing with a ball that looks like one they have seen their soccer heroes on TV play with…

Travel With Balls is such a simple way to bring a bit of joy to the world, and the world can always use more joy!

How simple is it to Travel With Balls? All you have to do is
1. Buy a ball 2. Find some kids and give it to them. 3. Film the giveaway and post it on our Travel With Balls Facebook page so that other travelers will be inspired to do the same thing.

To view more of Jessica Hilltout’s stunning African soccer photos, visit and click on the “Amen” icon. (She named the soccer album “Amen” because the game is loved with the ferocity of a religious passion throughout Africa….)

Peace & Blessings,