When Abdellatif Alaoui first heard about Travel With Balls well over a year ago, he decided that the next time he went to visit his family in Morocco, he would do a soccer ball giveaway and film it for TWB.

Alaoui, who now resides in Los Angeles, spent a month in Morocco this winter and sent us these two fantastic videos a couple of days ago.  The first one shows his ball giveaway; the second one is delightful footage he shot when he discovered some girls with head coverings playing soccer. 

This particular TWB score is extra special for William and I — after all, Morocco was where we first bought some soccer balls and gave them away to kids, and it was those experiences that inspired us to start Travel With Balls.

Soccer is the world’s most popular game.  Next time you’re traveling, buy a ball, find some kids and give it to them.  Film the giveaway and send it to us or post it directly on our Travel With Balls Facebook page.  It’s such a simple way to spread a little joy; and the world can ALWAYS use a little more joy! 

Peace & Blessings,