We got a late start out of Budapest yesterday (we didn’t take off until 10:30 and then drove in circles for an hour trying to find the right highway…) so we pushed pedal to metal for several hours.  Before we knew it, we had almost reached the border with Slovenia and we hadn’t done a ball giveaway in Hungary.  So we pulled off at Letenya, the very last town before the border.  It was about two in the afternoon and hot as blazes.  Very few people were out on the street, and no children.  We found the soccer field, which was deserted.  Hoping that someone would eventually come, we picnicked on the bread, salami, cheese and apple juice we had with us.  Still no one came.  It appeared we would not be scoring in Hungary.  We drove back through town one last time on our way to the highway and spotted a kid on a bike.  It wasn’t our prettiest score ever, but it was a score…GOAL HUNGARY!!!

This ball giveaway was in honor of our good Samaritan friend, Robert Magyar, whom we met in Budapest.

Peace & Blessings,