William and I were driving through the Slovakian countryside on our way to the Hungarian border and the splendors of Budapest yesterday when we passed by a small village.  We decided to investigate so we turned off the highway and drove down a couple of narrow dirt lanes until we spotted a group of boys hanging out in front of some ramshackle houses on the outskirts of town.   It was the perfect opportunity for a TWB score — GOAL SLOVAKIA!!!

When we reached Budapest we were recipients of great sportsmanship.  While checking into our hotel and putting our bags up in our room, we got a parking ticket.  A Hungarian man, Robert Magyar, who was hanging out in the lobby with his friend Botond Nador, noticed our distress and sprang into action.  Armed with GPS, he hopped into his BMW and motioned us to follow him.  When we arrived at the precinct to pay the parking fine, we discovered that they didn’t accept Euros, only forints, the local currency.  We hadn’t had the opportunity to change money yet so Robert gallantly paid our fine (about 20 Euros) and refused our promise to pay him back.  He and Botond then escorted us to an outside table at a bar nearby and ordered a Belgian cherry beer for me (William doesn’t drink beer…).  It was delicious!  We sat drinking and talking about Hungary, the US, political and economic dysfunction and our philosophies towards life for an hour and a half with these two fascinating and charming men.  When it came time to pay the bill, Robert refused our efforts to treat, insisting that we were guests in his country.

Travel With Balls, y’all, and it’s amazing the things that can happen!

Peace & Blessings,