Don’t Be Ball-Less!!!

Me and My Balls Boarding A Ferry in Nicaragua

Buying balls is the first step of the TWB game.  (For our post on  how to do that, click here:

But to score it helps to never be ball-less! There have been a couple of times during our travels when William and I kicked ourselves after we came upon a group of adorable kids who would have loved a brand new soccer ball, only to discover that we had left the ball back in the room of our guest house or hotel.  The keeper was flat on his back, the goal was wide open and…we blew the golden opportunity to put it in the back of the net!

To avoid such scenarios, we now try to carry a ball with us at all times. The beautiful thing about a soccer ball is that it’s super-light. It really isn’t a burden to stuff it in a bag and take it around with you; or, if you want to keep your hands free, you can always shove it in your backpack. Believe me, once you experience how much joy that ball will bring to both the kids and you when you give it out, you’ll understand how carrying those 14 ounces around will make you feel light as a feather!

Peace & Blessings,