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Don’t Be Ball-Less!!!

Buying balls is the first step of the TWB game.  (For our post on  how to do that, click here: https://travelwithballs.com/2012/01/03/whoa-whered-ya-get-them-balls-and-check-out-the-size/) But to score it helps to never be ball-less! There have been… Continue reading

Rainstorms and Dancing Fireflies

Last night was our final evening on Ometepe Island.  We were having dinner in the open-air restaurant at the place we’ve been staying when all of a sudden there was a violent and… Continue reading

Oasis at Ojo de Agua

Awesome day!  Began this morning with a 4 kilometer hot and dusty walk to a huge estate that had once been a coffee plantation during colonial times.  The land was subdivided and parceled… Continue reading

Eaten Alive!

Based on last night’s experiences, I realize the Bible is total hogwash —- Adam and Eve didn’t get kicked out of the Garden of Eden — they fled because of the mosquitoes!  I… Continue reading

Farewell, Granada

Bade a fond farewell to Granada this morning.  Lidia dropped us off at the station and William and I caught the bus for Rivas.  I managed to snag the last seat, in the… Continue reading