Balls That Can’t Be Busted!

As you all already know, the primary purpose of Travel With Balls is to encourage people to give out soccer balls to kids when they’re traveling in developing countries.  That’s what makes TWB so unique — we’re not asking for any donations, we want travelers to give out balls face-to-face so that they can experience the joy for themselves.

But not everyone can travel.   Some people that we’ve spoken to love the idea of TWB but then they comment that they have never been out of the country and they don’t have any plans to do so. 

If you’re interested in giving a soccer ball to children in developing countries, there is an organization you should know about.  It’s called One World Futbol and they’re doing some really cool things.  First of all, after several years of trial and error they’ve developed a soccer ball that can’t be damaged, not even if it’s punctured!  They call it the “Durable Ball.” Secondly, when you go on their website and purchase one of those indestructible balls, they will donate one of their balls to relief organizations working in developing countries.  Buy one, give one.  Some of the balls are distributed in refugee camps and war zones — places where even the most intrepid travelers don’t usually visit.  I’ve seen firsthand how much joy a soccer ball can bring to kids in peaceful places, I can only imagine the joy one would bring to kids who are living as refugees or in a war zone. 

To learn more about this fantastic organization visit

Peace & Blessings,