My First Score

We left our jungle motel in Quepos and headed for La Fortuna.  The countryside was nothing short of spectacular as we climbed our way through rolling hills of farmland and semi-rainforest environments.

From about 30 km out of La Fortuna, we started noticing an increasing number of soccer fields.  For the first convincing time, we started to feel a TWB ball giveaway start to arise.

In La Fortuna, Jan and I jumped on the opportunity to stay in a “five-star” backpacker’s hostel….who knew such a thing exists!  For 25 bucks a night, hostel enthusiasts can settle down in a clean, luxurious room with access to a beautiful pool with a built-in pool bar.

We were still riding our TWB vibes from the bountiful soccer fields, so after check-in we set out to find some kids.  After some searching, we found a group of kids sitting on a small hill by the side of the road.  I jumped out and started rolling film while Jan approached them with a ball.  The rest is TWB history.

Seeing the smiles on their faces was incredible.  If there was a camera on me, you would see the same smiles consuming my face.  It was all smiles all around, and I was able to get the whole thing on film for you all to see.

The feeling of achieving our primary goal is the ultimate motivator.  I am already looking forward to our next opportunity to spread a little joy.

After we gave the ball out, we drove up to the Arenal Observatory Lodge to explore the pristine grounds.  For the entire 8 km to the lodge, I was riding that TWB high!



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