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As The Calendar Turns —The Journey Continues!

On this last day of 2011 it’s a wonderful feeling to look back over the year and see just what TWB has accomplished over the past 365 days.   We got the official TWB… Continue reading

Happy Friday, Y’all…Let’s Do This Just For the JOY of It!!!

Until the first TWB video debuts New Year’s day, this is my favorite travel video of all time.  Why?  Because in a few minutes it manages to convey the thrill of adventuring, the… Continue reading

Get Rid of Your Baggage!

  In the post-911 world of airport security the phrase “Get rid of your baggage!” is not an invitation to lessen your psychological load but a command to fork over some of your… Continue reading

TWB Words From the World: “Tales of a Female Nomad”

Obviously, you don’t have to be a man to Travel With Balls.  TWB has nothing to do with gender — it’s about traveling with the spirit of adventure and a bit of daring.  … Continue reading

TWB Road Tips: Creating An Itinerary

Our self-appointed task here at Travel With Balls is not only to inspire you to hand out soccer balls to kids when you’re journeying through a developing country, it’s also to encourage you… Continue reading

An Opportunity To Help Fund A Dream

Somehow, the blog I wrote about our second TWB soccer ball give away in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua never got posted…guess I should have taken care of business before hitting… Continue reading

A Dreamer’s Dream

Our Central American journey concluded with a final Score on the outskirts of Sarchí.  William brought our trusty BeGo to a screeching halt at the sight of two boys on the side of… Continue reading

Sixteen Scores for Central America

After eleven hours in transit we made it back to LA just after midnight and I’m writing from home this morning, surrounded by stacks of unopened mail, suitcases filled with dirty laundry and a heart… Continue reading

Every Smile Counts

An isolated Tortuguero Village proved to be the perfect location for TWB to spread a little joy.  Accessible only by a 45-minute boat taxi, Tortuguero Village is a remote outpost guarded by thick… Continue reading

Mud, Mosquitos and More Fun in Tortuguero

In Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica, the new day is ushered in not by the dawn but by the roars of the howler monkeys who begin issuing their distinctive and deafening hollers well… Continue reading