Smothered in Green

After a smooth journey from LAX, I can confidently declare TACA “the most comfortable airline ever!”  Plentiful legroom coupled with comfortable chairs made the five hours of travel a worry-free breeze.  I arrived in San Jose to meet a jubilant Jan waving her arms while William filmed the arrival.  It was on.

Our hostel in Alajuela was all we could have asked for: simple, clean and friendly.  The excitement of having a wild dream (5 months in the making) of traipsing Central America with my aunt and uncle come to fruition made sleep quite difficult.

This morning we took off for Manuel Antonio. Sweeping views of lush countryside flooded the car windows.  This place sure is lush.  Costa Rica’s rolling hills and steep valleys are smothered in so much green that it makes my college town of Eugene look like the Gobi! A true photographer’s paradise, indeed.

It is also impossible to ignore the spectacular harmony between locals and the land. Leopold’s ‘Land Ethic’ is an unwritten spectacle here, where from the rich, red soil to the farmer working the land, the vibe of the country is one that boasts appreciation and respect.

Now, time to defend myself against my aunt’s previous out-of-context blog post.  I would like to note that, in the panadería, I asked for “dos pan dulce.” Little did I know, “dos pan dulce” meant I wanted “dos” sheets of 8 pan dulce—adding up to a grand total of 16 sweet rolls! So take note: my overly indulgent bakery trip was due to an innocent language barrier—my uncle William’s, however, was deliberate gluttony.