San Juan del Sur

Blogging early today because we’ve got stuff going on this afternoon and tonight…

After a week of “hard travel” (local bus rides, dusty walks, cold showers on Ometepe Island) we are spoiling ourselves a bit in the beach town of San Juan del Sur.  Our six room posada is absolutely adorable — a 1912 white wood house with bright blue trim on the doors and windows, rattan furniture, wide porches with ceiling fans, palms, bouganville of three different colors spilling over the walls, a thatched roof bar and a pool.  It looks like a Key West home.  A gourmet breakfast is included.  All this for $85, which is what a Travelodge back home costs!  There is a little shop in the reception area that I have to stay out of because the owner has exquisite taste and has filled it with fine quality handicrafts and clothing from all over Central America.  I already have my eye on a beautiful embroidered linen shirt from Guatemala that will be perfect when the Agape Choir attire calls for “Roots Wear.”

San Juan del Sur is like a surf town anywhere — lots of young backpackers with dreadlocks, touts offering all kinds of services, the smell of weed wafting through the air.  The beach here is lined with thatched roof open-air restaurants and we enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch when we first arrived yesterday.  At sunset we watched the giant golden orb melt into the sea as we walked along the sand.  This afternoon we are taking a shuttle to Maderas Beach, which is supposed to be really lovely.  Then this evening we are going to a nature reserve to see the hatchling turtles make their run from the beach to the sea.  Should be exciting, but hopefully not too exciting — we’re not allowed to bring any valuables or money because robberies are frequent in the reserve…

One last thing for now — I received an email from the head of the organization that is building the school we took balls to in Granada last Sunday, the one where dozens of children greeted us with hugs and huge smiles.  The email thanked us profusely for the balls and sent us their building prospectus.  They still need to raise $6,200 to finish the school they hope to have finished by the end of next year.  When I get back to LA I’ll provide details so that if any of you want to donate to this extremely worthy project, you can.

Peace & Blessings,