Our First Score

This morning, Lidia, the owner of the posada where we’re staying, told us about an organization that is called Futbol Sin Fronteras, or Soccer Without Borders, and suggested that we could take some balls there since it is a nonprofit organization for girls.  William and I traipsed through the local market and searched through stall after stall until we found some balls.  We purchased five of them (at about $9 each) and then walked through a neighborhood on the outskirts of Granada until we reached a 3-storey house filled with dozens of laughing, screaming, rambunctious girls ranging in age from 6 or 7 to early teens.  The volunteers working with the girls didn’t want us to give them to the girls directly because they said it would cause chaos, so after they assembled their young charges into a circle, a brief speech was made letting them know that we had brought them a gift of five balls, William handed them over to one of the volunteers and the girls applauded.  We were elated that we were able to give them to an organization that seeks to empower Nicaraguan girls through the game of soccer.  And we’ve only just arrived — we know there will be plenty of opportunities to give balls out to kids directly….So score one for Travel With Balls!

We were able to capture the whole experience on camera, so look for it in our upcoming videos!

To learn more about Futbol Sin Fronteras (Soccer Without Borders), check out their website: http://www.soccerwithoutborders.org/

Peace & Blessings,