Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Central America Bound!

TWB Taking the Field:

It’s the night before we take off for three weeks in Nicaragua and Costa Rica — as always, we’re abuzz with excitement and anticipation about the upcoming journey.  What incredible experiences await us on the road, and what inevitable obstacles?  We’ve done our homework and we’re looking forward to exploring old colonial cities, crafts villages, volcanoes, lakes, jungles and beaches.  But even more than that, we’re excited about enjoying the region’s greatest natural resource — its people.  Because that’s always what we end up cherishing most about our travels, our interactions with incredible people we meet along the way.

Every journey is enhanced when purpose is added to pleasure.  On this trip, we plan to build upon what we started in Morocco a year and a half ago, when we spontaneously began giving out balls to groups of kids we encountered playing soccer with rags and soda cans in the dusty streets, rocky fields and rutted back alleys.  The joy we were able to bring children just by performing this small act of kindness remained with us long after the trip, and was the motivating force for us to create Travel With Balls.  We want other travelers to share in the fun!

We didn’t take any pictures of our Morocco TWB experiences because it was an in-the-moment kind of thing and it never occurred to us to do so.  But this time, we’re ready!  William and I will snap some photos and videos in Nicaragua and when we arrive in Costa Rica, we’ll be joined by the third member of the TWB team — Starr Hathaway.  Starr’s a great videographer and he can’t wait to pass out some soccer balls and document the whole TWB experience.  When we return, we’ll start putting pics and videos up on our website and FB page so that everyone can see just how easy and fun it is for travelers to spread a little joy.  Because, at the end of the day, the goal is joy!

Peace & Blessings,