Marci Halili Akoma and her partner Kathy have scored in Indonesia AGAIN!!!!  This time on the island of Java.  Thanks to these two kind and compassionate souls, Travel With Balls is on a roll!

TWB Indonesia Java

Marci and Kathy, who are both 60 years old, recently sold their house, their car, and all their possessions in order to spend the rest of their lives traveling the world.  You can follow the adventures of these two AMAZING women on their blog site

As I’ve written in previous posts, the primary mission of Travel With Balls is to inspire people to give soccer balls away to children when they’re traveling through developing countries — soccer is the world’s most popular game and it’s such a simple way to spread a little joy, kindness and understanding on the planet.

But Travel With Balls also has a philosophical intent — to encourage people to journey through this thing called Life with gusto, enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure.  Clearly, Marci and Kathy Travel With Balls in both senses of the term!

Now that you know it’s possible, aren’t YOU ready to Travel With Balls?!

Peace & Blessings,