Kayla Denova,of Prarieville, Louisiana is definitely someone who knows how to Travel With Balls: on her recent trip to the Dominican Republic Kayla couldn’t find a soccer ball anywhere, but she didn’t allow that to stop her from scoring — she bought a volleyball to give away! Watch this delightful video that Kayla sent us of her presenting the ball to an adorable little Dominican girl. GOOOOOOOOOOAL DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!

Kayla’s goal is proof that, if you have the determination and will to succeed, you can always find a way to score one for joy. So, please, next time you’re traveling in a developing country, buy a ball and find some kids to give it to. Film the giveaway and post it on our Travel With Balls facebook page or email us the video at It’s such a simple way to spread a bit of kindness on the planet — and the world can ALWAYS use more kindness!

Peace & Blessings,