Win one of our fabulously sexy and incredibly comfortable TWB t-shirts! (We’ll even pop for the postage to get it to you!)   How?  Simple.  Rack your brains right now.  Surely you know someone who is currently visiting some developing country.  You have a cousin running around Croatia, a friend lying on a beach in Fiji, a neighbor who is on business in Namibia, an aunt exploring Ecuador, a classmate is who partying on an island in the Caribbean.  All you have to do is tweet, email or Skype them and convince them to do a Travel With Balls video.  When they post the video to our Travel With Balls facebook page, YOU win the t-shirt!  (Trust me, the person you inspired to make the video won’t need anything more than the joy that comes from a Travel With Balls experience…)

Tell the person you’re contacting how easy it is to make a Travel With Balls video.  All he or she has to do is:

  1. Buy a soccer ball.  (They’re easy to find, and relatively cheap, in just about every developing country.)
  2. Find some kids.  (They’re also easy to find in just about every developing country.)
  3. Get a shot of yourself as you speak into the camera.  Give your name, the country you’re traveling in and say that you “Travel with Balls!”
  4. Give the kids the ball and film them playing.

The video doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be more than a minute or so long.  (To give you some idea, here’s one that Peace Corps volunteer Jeff Knoche made in Albania, but it’s not necessary to use music or graphics… ) We simply want to use the video as a tool to encourage others to Travel With Balls so that they can experience for themselves the joy that is created when you give some kids in a developing country a soccer ball.  It’s all about spreading the love!

The first five people who can inspire someone to post a TWB video on our facebook page win a free Travel With Balls t-shirt, so get crackin’!

Peace & Blessings,