Travel With Balls — Wherever You Are!

Thanks to those of you who have helped us spread the word by blogging, tweeting or posting the link on your Facebook pages, our “official” Travel With Balls video has now received 500 hits on Youtube. Whistles, cheers, stomps, applause! (For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, scroll down to the very bottom of this blog.) Hopefully, by seeing how much fun we had, people will be inspired to Travel With Balls next time they visit a developing country.

Today I feel the need to indulge in a brief meditation on the metaphysical meaning of Travel With Balls. Yesterday I attended the funeral of someone I’d known for over thirty years. My friend Bobbie Jean Williams never ventured abroad and she wasn’t at all interested in soccer, but she was a woman with a big personality and an even bigger heart, always going out of her way to help those in need. As I sat in the chapel listening to family members, friends and coworkers tell stories about her acts of kindness, I realized that it’s possible to Travel With Balls even if you never set foot outside the country (or your home town, for that matter) or give soccer equipment out to kids.

Life is the ultimate journey and we are all travelers. As we adventure down the roads of existence we can pass out balls of kindness, balls of compassion, balls of love, balls of caring, balls of forgiveness, balls of joy to the people we meet along our way. In truth, there are an infinite number of ways to Travel With Balls, for at its core, Travel with Balls is about sharing and generosity of the heart.

Peace & Blessings,